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Gemini Twin Productions and BlueShirtsBrown Productions partner to launch "Grisly" crowd-funding campaign on Kickstarter

Las Vegas-based Gemini Twin Productions has entered into a new marketing agreement to provide marketing and promotional support to boutique production house, BlueShirtsBrown Productions for the launch of their crowd-funding campaign on Kickstarter, the world's largest funding platform for creative projects. “GRISLY,” the company’s first completed project, is a sci-fi/horror short film that was selected for screening at the 19th annual Independent Filmmakers Showcase Film Festival and premiered in Beverly Hills, CA in May 2014. Gemini Twin Productions’ Director of Marketing, Raymond Finn, will lend additional marketing support for the Grisly crowd-funding campaign.

GRISLY tells the story of Carolyn Bronnicke, a young mutated girl who is captured by a rouge black ops agency seeking to weaponize her powers. Her only hope for survival is one agent who sees the humanity beneath the monster. A mix of TV's True Blood and X-Files and Warren Ellis' graphic novel, Planetary, the GRISLY short-film introduces the audience to the Grisly universe, a host of supernatural creatures determined to bring about the downfall of mankind.

Roger Lewis of BlueShirtsBrown, who is also the creator of the Grisly universe, says, “what’s truly exciting about the Grisly universe is that it allows us to tap into multiple distribution channels beginning with the short-film, but eventually moving into a future episodic series, a graphic novel and development of a Grisly feature film. Hollywood has shown it’s propensity for tapping into projects that capture the imagination of the fan-boy audience and we truly believe the complexity of the characters and story-lines inherent in the Grisly universe will resonate with this fan base.”

For more information about the GRISLY Kickstarter campaign, visit To explore more about the Grisly universe, please visit the Grisly website at To help spread the word about GRISLY, click here

About BlueShirtsBrown Productions
BlueShirtsBrown Productions is a production company comprised of independent writers and artists working together to create imaginative, high quality stories for Film/TV, publishing and the internet. It has several “packaged” intellectual properties in various stages of development. While focusing on early-stage packaging of original content and talent for film, television and web projects in partnership with existing independent production companies, the company has also assisted other entrepreneurial feature film projects with the development of business plans and line budgets.

About Gemini Twin Productions
Gemini Twin Productions is a niche production and marketing company that focuses on the creation of original, high-quality, entertaining music, shows and stories for Film / TV, Publishing and Live Performances.
In addition to developing our own original productions, we also work with other companies seeking to expand their creative outlets by providing consultative services for every stage of the production process (pre and post) for their own production. From concept design to marketing and promotion to final performance, we work with you every step of the way to fulfill your vision.