Health Care Headliner: Tanya Brizzi, licensed practical nurse, HIV coordinator, WestCare Nevada

Tanya Brizzi

Tanya Brizzi once thought that her field of expertise would involve goals of a more sporting nature.

“I never aspired to be a nurse — when I was younger soccer was my passion — but I’m very grateful to be a nurse and to be able to help others,” said Brizzi, who joined WestCare Nevada as a licensed practical nurse in October 2014, also serving as HIV coordinator. “Our WestCare family strives to uplift the human spirit by being the safety net for those struggling with addiction and mental-health issues. ”

Brizzi assists with regular nursing duties, HIV testing/reporting, maintaining nursing forms, client care, administration and client education/advocacy.

“Most recently, I have made necessary changes to approximately 35 medical forms to facilitate more individualized client care, which will increase the success rate of our clients and the efficiency of services provided, alleviating our first responders, hospital ERs and community behavioral health partners at large,” Brizzi said.

The Southern Nevada native — who supports Children’s Heart Center and any organization that helps children, addicts, mental-health patients or benefits schools — worked as a pharmacy tech for approximately 11 years prior to obtaining her practical nursing license through College of Southern Nevada. She previously worked at Sunrise Hospital, the Las Vegas Recovery Center, the Nevada Treatment Center, the North Las Vegas Detention Center and A Better Today Recovery Services.