Health Care Headliner: UMC Trauma Center, Stop the Bleed Program

Cassandra Trummel

Offered to provide community members with the skills needed to save lives during an emergency, UMC’s Stop the Bleed course has been taught to almost 9,500 people.

Part of a national campaign, “Stop the Bleed curriculum was developed in an attempt to educate non-health care providers on how to control bleeding after a traumatic injury,” said Cassandra Trummel, UMC trauma outreach and injury prevention program coordinator.

Interest in the program skyrocketed following the Oct. 1 mass shooting. Clark County School District faculty and staff have received the training, as have employees at nightclubs, churches, government organizations, casinos, Boy Scout groups and others. Trummel’s goal is to have all 357 CCSD schools trained by December.

“Our team understands the importance of preparing people to care for themselves and others during an emergency,” Trummel said. “We want all of Nevada to feel empowered to help in case of an emergency.”

The program received $25,000 from the NV Energy Foundation to expand to more schools, educating 3,200 students and outfitting 50 high schools with trauma response kits.

UMC’s efforts are not limited to Southern Nevada. “On April 11, 2019, our team travelled to Carson City to teach Stop the Bleed and share the importance of this program with Nevada legislators,” said Trummel.