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Financial Executive of the Year: Jennifer LaFrance, Senior Vice President and CFO, Somerpointe Resorts

Jennifer LaFrance

Jennifer LaFrance’s co-workers credit her commitment to the craft of accounting for many of her successes.

“When I started my career in the audit field with Ernst & Young I had an amazing mentor who guided me and allowed me to take on challenges,” LaFrance said.

LaFrance was initially drawn to the field when she realized the potential to learn about var-ious business aspects through accounting and finance. That potential is realized at the ASNY Family of Companies, which span a diverse number of businesses. Most notable is Somer-pointe Resorts, a national vacation ownership business.

LaFrance’s nomination for CFO of the Year said that her role “cannot be defined as a CFO. She is one of the rare talents that is able to transcend that definition and make the role more than a title.”

Among recent accomplishments, LaFrance helped strategize her company’s review of multigenerational estate and tax planning, and has led the company into new business lines.

In addition to her CFO role, LaFrance has supported charities including the Make-a-Wish Foundation, Goodie Two Shoes and Habitat for Humanity.