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Financial Executive of the Year: Todd Valli, SVP, Chief Accounting Officer, Everi Holdings

Todd Valli

Todd Valli considers himself a driven, goal-oriented, critical thinker with a passion for numbers. The chief accounting officer and senior vice president of Everi Holdings is also an optimist.

“Focus on what you can do with what you do have, as the glass is half full,” he said.

Valli joined gaming-tech-solutions supplier Everi Holdings in 2011 after 15 years of experience with publicly traded gaming, timeshare and interactive companies. He manages the corporate finance and tax accounting teams with responsibilities including: financial reporting, technical accounting, integrated and stat-utory audits, tax and compliance, equity management, financial statement consolidation, and internal controls.

Valli is credited with building a corporate finance team for Everi, along with managing significant changes related to accounting standards and IRS regulations, and he’s been instrumental in mergers, acquisi-tions and financing transactions.

In terms of offering words of wisdom to young finance professionals, “Remain humble, thirst for knowledge, believe in yourself, build relationships, and passionately pursue your dreams in preparation for eventual opportunities,” Valli said.