Blind Center Of Nevada Inc

The Blind Center assists people who are blind or visually impaired in reaching their highest physical, social, intellectual, and economic potential. The Center pursues three focus areas: personal development, social interaction and provident living. The Blind Center serves to enable the blind community to find hope, learn independence, and pursue greatness.

The Blind Center of Nevada is excited to be undergoing its “Visions of Greatness” capital campaign this year. A new state-of-the-art facility will be built in 2017. The Center will be able to take on new initiatives and projects for its members and within its revenue-generating electronic recycling business, in which 50 percent of its employees are legally blind. The new building will feature a culinary arts academy for those who are blind, a first in the nation. The new venue will serve as a novel place within the community to host conferences and banquets as well.

The Blind Center of Nevada offers exciting fundraising opportunities to its supporters. The Blind Center hosts three main fundraisers a year, and is even looking to expand these ventures next year with the new facility. Every spring, the Center hosts a glow-in-the-dark Golf Tournament that boasts immense fun and exciting raffle/auction prizes. In the fall, the annual Imagine Gala is held and is a night of unforgettable prestige, with 300 of the city’s most distinguished guests, including city officials, business owners, media personnel and celebrities in attendance. For both the golf tournament and gala, the Blind Center is continuously inviting businesses within the community to participate in exciting sponsorship opportunities for those events. During the holiday season, the Center holds its Holiday Basket Program, in which businesses are encouraged to purchase baskets of goodies specially prepared by the Center. To get involved in one of these great events, please contact Jessica De Vivo at [email protected].

Volunteer opportunities are always available at the Blind Center. Volunteers are welcomed with open arms, whether it is for a visit to serve the members during their lunch or bingo break, or to assist the members one-on-one with the Blind Center’s special field trip outings each month. Volunteer opportunities are also available for assistance with the various fundraising events and to serve on the Operations Board. Volunteering at the Blind Center is a special experience for a volunteer to truly feel as through one made a difference. For more information, please contact Jessica De Vivo at [email protected].

Opportunities to give at the Blind Center are limitless. Donations are critical to helping the Center serve its members effectively. As a 501(c)(3), all donations are tax-deductible. Monetary donations on a one-time, quarterly, or even monthly basis are extremely appreciated, as are in-kind donations to utilize toward a fundraising event’s silent auction or raffle. In addition, the Blind Center’s electronic recycling program welcomes donations that the Center can help refurbish and sell. To donate or to discuss a giving plan that’s best for you, please contact Todd Imholte at [email protected].

Blind community of Southern Nevada (those who are legally blind)


Lloyd Benson
Retired owner of Valley Foods; Friends of Scouting

Dr. Neal Marek
Owner and podiatrist for Nevada Foot Care

Jeff Davis
Founder of Sierra Ready Mix; Boy Scouts of America

Jim Kegley
Founder of Square Peg Industries

Harold Brown
Chairman of HARBRO

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