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New recycling facility doubles region’s ability to divert trash from landfill
Thursday, Nov. 12, 2015
Slowly but surely over the years, Southern Nevadans have learned to recycle much of their trash, to the point where the region’s primary waste disposal company, Republic Services, couldn’t handle it all and had to send recyclables to its desert landfill instead. The company has now caught up ...
Unlimited vacation? Some companies letting workers come and go as needed
Sunday, Feb. 1, 2015
But "a lot of people like having actual allotted vacation time so you don’t have to guess what’s OK to take," said an HR exec with a prominent Las Vegas company ...
Prayers for the new year
Sunday, Dec. 28, 2014
Faith leaders offer their hopes for Las Vegas in the new year.
Trying to pick out that perfect holiday card for clients
Sunday, Dec. 7, 2014
Do you order custom cards that show your logo and maybe a photo of key personnel — or the entire office in Santa hats? Do you purchase cards off the shelf or from your stationery supplier? Or — and this alternative can win you praise or ridicule — do you blast out e-cards?
It’s party time at the office
Sunday, Nov. 16, 2014
With holiday season approaching, companies share ideas about how to throw an appropriate celebration ...
Facing a crunch, new plant will double Southern Nevada’s recycling capacity
Thursday, Nov. 6, 2014
One of the challenges in building momentum for recycling in Southern Nevada has been a chokepoint at the receiving end of all those milk cartons, pizza boxes and ...
Help wanted: Good worker for fun-sounding job
Sunday, Oct. 19, 2014
Despite the swagger that a great job title can bring at a high school reunion, a local team manager said recruiters aren’t impressed by titles.
Why killer bees get a bad rap
Sunday, Sept. 28, 2014
They’re known as killer bees, a moniker that works well for big-screen horror flicks but does an injustice to the insects that play a vital role in agriculture and have been fighting for their own survival in recent years. Long before Africanized honey bees arrived in Nevada in 1997, their bad rap preceded them
Animal Foundation pursuing new strategy to avoid euthanasia of stray cats
Tuesday, Sept. 23, 2014
In its effort to stop euthanizing three out of four stray cats brought into its shelter, the Animal Foundation is favoring a new strategy: Collect stray cats, spay or neuter them, vaccinate them, then ...
Small businesses rise with perseverance, passion
Sunday, Aug. 17, 2014
Challenges of working for yourself can come from any direction, so those who succeed need the right personality, idea and education. It's not for everyone, but when it works, it's worth all the trouble ...