Trendy salon and spa treatments plentiful in Vegas

Las Vegas has long been a vacation destination of the rich and famous, and even more so this past decade. It’s easy to see the city’s appeal — it’s rich in pleasures, including indulgent, over-the-top spa treatments. The Strip’s mega resorts were first to embrace luxurious salons and spas for makeovers and relaxation. Neighborhood casinos and stand-alone businesses followed suit to provide local residents an outlet to relax and enjoy a day of pampering. Here’s a look at some of the valley’s trendy spa treatments:

  • Ice cream pedicure

    Canyon Ranch Spa at the Venetian and Palazzo offers a “sundae for your feet” with its Ice Cream Pedicure. The 50-minute treatment begins with a footbath containing a scoop of the month’s flavor dubbed an ice cream bomb that is comprised of a unique six-oil blend, purifying minerals, fragrances and Epsom salt. When it hits the water it releases nourishing minerals and fragrant aromatic oils to hydrate, moisturize and enrich the skin. After soaking the feet, a pedicurist will perform a traditional pedicure. This month’s flavor is appropriate for harvest season: Pumpkin Pie.

  • Feather extensions

    One of the hottest trends to hit salons in the past year is feather extensions in hair. While synthetic feathers are available on the market, the most desirable extension is from real feathers of farm-raised roosters or exotic birds. Measuring 4 to 9 inches in length, they are naturally and organically dyed. Hottie Hair Signature Salon on West Charleston Boulevard charges $10 per feather, including application.

  • Champagne and caviar facial

    Caviar was getting noticed as a beauty ingredient in the cosmetics industry in the early 2000s. And while most salons were serving clients Champagne to sip after their caviar facial, Dolphin Court Salon & Spa decided to fuse the two into a facial masque that has now become a signature treatment at its facility on West Lake Mead Boulevard. It uses protein-rich caviar, which contains antioxidants, to hydrate and tone the skin while the Champagne revitalizes.

  • Arctic Ice Room at Caesars Palace

    Need a place to chill out? Try a visit to the Arctic Ice Room at Qua Spa in Caesars Palace. Adorned with a dome ceiling and glass tiled walls, the Arctic Ice Room has heated floors and benches to curb the crisp air (55 degrees) accompanied by falling snow. While falling snow relieves stress, the cool temperature is supposed to tighten skin and reduce the appearance of large pores.

  • 24K gold facial

    Popular among Hollywood stars, the treatment features 24-karat gold leaf sheets with a custom serum massaged into the mask. Steam is used to induce the gold’s penetration, which is claimed to reduce wrinkles and fine lines as well as lighten, brighten and hydrate the skin, leaving it firmer. Quick Weight Loss and Skin Care in Henderson offers the 90-minute treatment that usually costs $800, but the facility is currently running a half-off special.

  • Fish pedicures

    Well, here’s one you won’t find offered in Nevada because it’s illegal. But fish pedicures are very common throughout the world, particularly in Asia. In 2008 the Nevada Cosmetology Board banned the use of flesh-eating carp to nibble away dead skin from customers’ feet. A bill was introduced during the 2009 legislative session to regulate the service, but wasn’t pushed through by legislators.