Cybersecurity not just for big businesses, Las Vegas firm says

Shannon and Troy Wilkinson met overseas while working for the United Nations. The couple launched Axiom Cyber Solutions last year.

Axiom Cyber Solutions

• Address: 3077 E. Warm Springs Road, Suite 300, Las Vegas

• Phone: 800-519-5070 or 702-857-7470

• Email: [email protected]

• Website:

• Hours of operation: 24/7; office open 9 a.m.-5 p.m. Monday through Friday

• Owned/operated by: Troy and Shannon Wilkinson

• In business since: 2015

Describe your business.

We are a Las Vegas-based cybersecurity company focused on providing affordable, automated, efficient and intelligent solutions to small businesses.

What is your business philosophy?

Part of our mission statement is that if you find a job you love, you never work another day in your life. We believe in finding team members who share our passion for technology and cybersecurity, and we all work together toward our core goal: to protect America’s small businesses from cybercriminals.

Why is it important for small and medium-sized businesses to have cybersecurity? What are the threats of not having security or an IT team?

Seventy-one percent of cyberattacks target small businesses, and the scary follow-up statistic is that 60 percent of small businesses successfully attacked go out of business within six months. Small-business owners frequently operate with the mindset that they are too small to be the target of an attack, but that’s simply not true today. As large corporations invest thousands, if not millions, of dollars in cybersecurity strategy and hardware, it’s the small businesses that are left vulnerable and without protection. Cybercriminals know it. Think of it like a burglar looking to break into a house. Is he going to pick the house with the sophisticated alarm system, dogs and bars on the window? Or is he going to pick the house that has glass windows, no screen door and no alarm?

Many small businesses do not have a dedicated IT department, much less a cybersecurity expert on staff; it’s the nature of being small and nimble. Many of our customers work with managed service providers who are great IT generalists but, just like the medical practice, IT can be specialized and doesn’t necessarily include comprehensive cybersecurity services.

Why do you think there’s a big need for this service in Las Vegas?

Hundreds of local businesses are at risk. One of our clients, Kangamoo Indoor Playground, was attacked within hours of bringing its system online on its opening day, and we were able to stop it. A small, independent children’s play place seems almost like the least likely type of business to be the target of a cyber attack, and yet it was threatened with one almost as soon as the doors opened. That could have been devastating. Imagine having to notify the first customers that their sensitive information had been stolen.

How can Nevada improve its business climate?

Nevada has been doing a good job making our state attractive for businesses. Perhaps making R&D and business tax credits more accessible to small businesses would be something that could be improved. Luckily there are some organizations like Nevada Industry Excellence and the SBA that can help small businesses navigate those waters.