Marijuana beer to hit Las Vegas dispensaries, minus the alcohol

The latest marijuana-infused beverage — a nonalcoholic beer — could soon hit the shelves at Nevada dispensaries.

California-based Two Roots Brewing Co. is producing Nevada’s first marijuana-infused beer at its Las Vegas brewery, and it could be for sale in dispensaries by the end of this month, company executives said.

“Our ultimate goal is normalizing the consumption of cannabis-infused products,” said Tim Walters, president of Two Roots’ parent company, Cannabiniers. “Beer holds a widely accepted and even celebrated place in society.”

Two Roots marijuana beer will be available in lager, stout, new west IPA, blonde ale and wheat styles, Walters said. It will cost $5 a can.

Several dispensaries in Las Vegas and Reno said they were sampling the beers and determining whether to carry them.

San Diego-based Cannabiniers last year launched weed-infused coffee, tea and chocolate drinks.

Several other companies operating in Nevada offer a range of pot drinks combining the active ingredients tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) and cannabidiol (CBD) in sodas, energy and fruit drinks, and even milkshakes.

Keith Villa, creator of popular beer Blue Moon, is launching a THC-infused, nonalcoholic brew later this year in Colorado. And Lagunitas Brewing Company started selling SuperCritical Ale, which contains CBD, in California last year.