Hot times and wild life: Facebook users offer alternatives to Nevada’s new tourism slogan

Former Las Vegas Mayor Oscar Goodman takes the stage with a martini and showgirls before an event Thursday, Oct. 13, 2011. Goodman now acts as the city’s ambassador.

A six-word slogan, and the marketing campaign to advertise it, cost Nevada $9 million

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"Don't Fence Me In"


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A television commercial launching the state¹s summer tourism campaign will be the first public airing of the new brand and it incorporates a distinct Nevada vibe ­the musical soundtrack is performed by the Killers, a Las Vegas-based rock band singing a classic western cover song, "Don't Fence Me In."

Hoover Dam tourists

Tourist take photographs from the top of Hoover Dam. Launch slideshow »

Given a chance to suggest an alternative to the state of Nevada’s new tourism slogan, social media users responded as if a $9 million payday were on the line.

That’s how much the state spent to develop and advertise its slogan — “A World Within. A State Apart.” — which was unveiled Tuesday.

But in comments posted on the Facebook pages of the Las Vegas Sun, VEGAS INC and Las Vegas Weekly, all Greenspun Media Group publications, users offered dozens of suggestions for free.

Their suggestions ranged from lighthearted to ruthlessly sarcastic, serious to silly and plausible to preposterous.

Below are a few, taken from the 128 comments that a posting about the slogan had drawn as of 9:30 a.m. today.

Do you have any suggestions? Feel free to post them as comments to this story.

Robert Henri: What about "A state without limits!!!"

ML Westphal: Nevada, don't bet against us.........

Dayvid Jann Figler: Nevada: Come Back to Where You Were Conceived!

Summerlin Vegas: Nevada- take a walk on our wild side! (caption under photo collage of all our outside adventures and nightlife)

Jackie Berry: "Nevada, the Good Luck State"...

Set Lerma: The party State

Robert Anthony Miller: "Hot times start in Nevada"

Jayson Lingen: "Legal Gambling, Legal Prostitution, what more could you ask for"?

Kathleen Nelson: " A morning in the mountains, an afternoon on the lake and the night on the Strip. All in one day."

Ray Adams: "Nevada, it's like FUN with NEON on it!!!"

Tom Johnson-Salvador: "Nevada, because life's short"

Don Evony Duper: Come for the booze, the gambling and the hookers. Stay for the booze, the gambling and the hookers.

Andrew Rothbart: So much State, So little time!

Dan Dentscheff: Why not something simple, like "Nevada: We're ALWAYS open" and do lots of little cuts of tbe nightlife, mixed with skiing, golf, the huge valleys, mountains, lakes, and so on... Uptempo music, strong beat, cuts timed to the music. Simple and effective...

Michael Rosen: Where your dreams can change on a dime

Matt Vehlies: Only in Nevada can a sentence cost $9,000,000

T J Mecomber Russi: a state within, a world apart!

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